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“Living in the past and in the future in recollection or anticipation - creates a less clear picture of the present. Only when we live in the here and now, can we clearly understand that the past and the future only exist in the present.” – Will Barton
about the artist
Will Barton is a California native born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area. In 1980, he relocated to San Diego to attend college. He graduated in 1985 with a degree in Marketing and began his career in real estate finance.  His passion for buying properties to renovate sparked his creativity and inspired his vision, thus becoming his creative outlet for many years and even today. In 2003, he began painting professionally and has had numerous exhibitions of his work in San Diego. Will Barton
His work has been published in several magazines including San Diego Magazine, San Diego Home, Riviera Magazine and Luxe. His work has been collected by those including Jazz guitar great, Kenny Burrell and Earth Wind and Fire's drummer, Ralph Johnson. His work is currently on display throughout the San Diego area. As an avid surfer, Will has incorporated many experiences into his every day life from being in the water and surfing challenging waves. He believes that surfing and art have a unique way of capturing the spirit of beautiful moments in all things past, present and future.
Surf... the work

I began surfing in the late 70’s.  Immediately discovering my passion for the ocean and its healing properties.  Surfing is so… in the moment and a deeply soulful experience.  Zen philosophy states: “The way to do is to be” Surfing has an endless supply of lessons to teach us.  Surf realization is about believing those lessons can and do apply to life.  I have come to understand that surfing is as lite and pure as fun can be.  My recent artistic expressions focus on the golden era of surfing…The period of time between the 40’s and the 60’s.  There were a handful of surfers building their own boards.  Redwood planks shaped and sculpted by a core group of watermen exploring the early unexplored California coastline. Uniquely handmade and inspired by my extensive travels searching for that undiscovered wave in Baja.  Each frame is created using reclaimed wood.  Environmentally conscious art with character, Texture, and patina.  The framing process becomes an integral part of creating each original piece.  I am all about sharing it!

Bebop... the work
Barton's Bebop work captures the spirit of Jazz, while also paying homage to many of the great Jazz improvisers.  He combines different materials such as old newspaper, sewing patterns, etc. and places them on top of mostly recycled wood to create a textured effect using contrasting colors.  This use of contrast creates an interesting effect where abstract shapes are created, sometimes pushing the envelope between positive and negative space.  His subtle use of colors evokes different tonalities similar to how a musician might vary a note in a phrase or a melody. The finished product is simple yet sophisticated.  Moody and alluring.


Miles - Flamenco Sketches
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